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Poker Tracker 4

Poker Tracker 4 Was kostet der PokerTracker 4?

PokerTracker 4 ist eines der marktführenden Pokersoftware-Tools zur Analyse deines eigenen Spiels. PokerTracker 4 kann 30 Tage lang kostenlos getestet. What is PokerTracker 4? PokerTracker 4 is a software suite for online poker players. Analyse strategy, track results and use live statistics in-game. PokerTracker. PokerTracker 4 Review. Poker Tracker 4 ist das umfangreichste Tracking Tool auf dem Markt. Die Grundlage dieses Programms bilden die Daten aus Textdateien. pokertracker 4 Der PokerTracker ist in der neuen Version 4 nicht nur eines der, sondern das beste Tracking Tool überhaupt für ambitionierte Pokerspieler. Die lange Entwicklung hat sich gelohnt, das Tracking-Tool ist erwachsener denn je und erstaunlich benutzerfreundlich. Schon im März war die.

Poker Tracker 4

Fernando "JNandez87" Habegger liefert auf seinem YouTube-Kanal sehr viel hochwertigen PLO-Content. Dieses Mal geht es um das Thema "HUD für Poker. Kaum ein Online Spieler kommt ohne Tracking Software zurecht. Nun gibt es mit PokerTracker 4 die neuste Generation zum Download. Neue Kunden dürfen. What is PokerTracker 4? PokerTracker 4 is a software suite for online poker players. Analyse strategy, track results and use live statistics in-game. PokerTracker. Das Bonuscode Pokerstars ist daher nicht mehr ganz so wertvoll, wie früher. Popups und Informationen lassen sich an Beste Spielothek in Peterborn finden Bedürfnisse anpassen. Mit dieser Information im Hinterkopf kannst du dich dann für ein Programm entscheiden. Diese Frage stellen sich inzwischen immer mehr Pokerspieler. Antworten auf diese Fragen finden Sie auf Twitch. So einfach ist das und man muss dafür nicht einmal das Board in seine Entscheidung miteinbeziehen. Panel layout structure supports mass multi-tabling. Pokerbücher raten Preflop oft zu einem Flop, wenn die Hand nicht stark genug für ein Raise ist.

Lastly, if there were a few players you wanted to study, and can't obtain their hand histories without playing against them; is there a way to get seated in games with them, to be able to study their play in the future?

Some kind of low cost online service that would show what tables they are playing, etc? And when you run the "HUD" it then puts this information on your screen right beside all of your opponents whether you are playing a cash game or a tournament.

There are literally thousands of different stats to choose from and you can pick and choose which ones you want to see.

This information, or "reads" as you could call it, is absolutely crucial at the poker table because it allows me to know what type of player I am up against and therefore make better poker decisions.

This is because he probably has a strong hand. He is a very tight player. So I would rather just call and see a flop. I will definitely be re-raising versus this player because I am way, way ahead of his range.

Do you see how important it is to have this information when making decisions at the poker table? This is why PokerTracker has helped me win tens of thousands of dollars more at the poker tables over the years.

This is also why I rely on PokerTracker as a professional poker player. If you want to get information like this on your opponents next time you play online poker, you can download the free trial of PokerTracker right here.

How Will it Help You? Now as mentioned, the PokerTracker 4 HUD actually put this information directly on your online poker table right beside each of your opponents with statistics updating in real-time.

The ability to have all this information directly relayed onto your screen while you play online poker is absolutely crucial if you are a serious poker player.

This is especially important if you play at the lower stakes like I do. There is just absolutely no way on earth that you are going to keep track of all of these players especially if you multi-table.

Most major online poker sites allow you to use a HUD these days. So for me personally, this is just a no-brainer to have my PokerTracker HUD running even if I only glance at it occasionally.

I actually created an entire video showing you step by step how to setup your PokerTracker HUD in and have it running in less than 5 minutes.

Alright here's the thing though. And this is because the real value of a poker software program like PokerTracker 4 is the database.

This is the vast amount of information that you have collected on yourself and others. This data is something that you use to study and improve when you are offline and not playing poker.

If you want to know how poker pros continue to win and get ahead, this is exactly how! So for example I find out what my opponents are doing wrong by studying their hands and then creating the best strategies to beat them.

But I also, and this is crucial , study what they are doing better than me and then often incorporate that into my own game.

As I always say, who better is there to learn from than the actual people who are crushing the games that you play in?

In PokerTracker you can study their game and see exactly how they are doing it. I will explain how to do this step by step below.

Lastly, and perhaps most crucially of all, I study my own hands mostly the medium to large sized pots where I lose , in order to find out the mistakes that I am making and fix my leaks.

If you want to know why the poker pros always seem to keep winning it is because they are hard at work like me finding the strategies to beat you in their PokerTracker Database.

So how do you actually use your PokerTracker database to create winning poker strategies and beat your opponents? Well it's actually very simple.

This means I raised preflop, bet the flop, bet the turn and have nothing on the river. This is a problem spot for a lot of people. Should you keep bluffing?

Should you check and fold? Should you check and call? Well, this is where the PokerTracker hand filters come in available for both cash games and tournaments.

In order to use them all you need to do is click on "More Filters". Posted by BlackRain Labels: PokerTracker Review.

TJ 04 August. BlackRain79 04 August. Dave C 10 August. BlackRain79 11 August. Dave C 11 August. Mattias 17 February. BlackRain79 19 February.

Oliver 17 February. Unknown 19 March. BlackRain79 20 March. But what are th ranges for the colors? Is there any guide anywhere that we can use to color code our stats?

Good idea Thanos. I don't really want to add to this article because it is quite long but in the future I will likely write another one talking about color coding the HUD.

Glad you enjoyed though! Hi Nathan! Great post you wrote here. Very useful. Thanks andrtins! I don't really even use color coding for ranges anymore.

I just use some different colors on the top row as you can see in this article to differentiate a few stat groupings. I used to use red for tight, yellow for semi-loose and green for loose though.

Why did you stop using color coding for ranges? Do you think beginners should use color coding for ranges? What are the positives and negatives to using color coding for ranges?

Please reply, this confounds me. I still use color coding for the main stats. Bu it makes very little difference overall, don't over-think little stuff like this :.

Hmm, not really sure to be honest. I think I have heard of some others maybe having trouble with as well.

I would send an email to Pokertracker support. They are going to know more about this than me. Hi, Quick question about colour coding, I saw that you've already received a few questions about it.

Is it possible to make PT4 colour code the player name? Let's say that a players stats are telling us he is a NIT then I might want to make his name red and for someone that has 'fishy' stats I might want to make it green or something like that?

Is it even worth the time doing that or would you just recommend that I learn what stats defines what so that I can spot that quicker? Thanks for the article!

Thanks Bo. I am not sure if this is possible. I have tried to do certain things like this in the past with PT4 and HEM before that but ultimately I would rather just look at the stats for my decisions and colour code or tag them on the poker site itself as you can see in the screenshot above.

If you have discussed those tweaks anywhere, could you please point me to them please. For example FRFB is in the topline? I do make minor tweaks to my HUD from time to time and I try to always update this article and the download links when I do that.

Hi solo, Nope sorry. These files are only for Pokertracker. You can create my same HUD in Hold'em Manager as well but you will have to manually enter the equivalent stats yourself.

Thanks a lot just registered to your site searching for a good HUD setting. Just playing NL5 and want to go to NL10 the next month. Thanks so much Nathan.

Really enjoyed reading this and some other articles. Especially the super detailed post on life in Thailand. It's all been so unbelievably helpful Obrigado por me ajudar.

Existe seu livro em portuques? Ja pensou em traduzi-lo? Thank you! Glad I could help. Sorry but none of my content is translated to Portuguese.

My first book is available in Spanish and Russian. Can you make a record of this for individual stats?

You have a wonderful side, intent this good work!! Yes, it has been a long time since I did it but I am pretty sure in PT4 you can set ranges for stats and then associate specific colors.

It will be in the HUD profile editor. As always, I really appreciate your blog. It's been a huge help to me and I thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

I bought the only hud that I can use on the site that I have access to, Holdem Indicator. It doesn't seem to have a lot of the information that either Hem or Pt4 have.

But then, the site uses anonymized tables so I can't keep player histories anyway. Since my hud is limited in scope and customization I use all of the features that I can.

And I've tried to incorporate that info into my game. It's more detailed than that but that's the gist of it. This has more of an affect on my play later in the hand after the turn or river , than it does early in the hand.

And again when looking at the session overall. Downloaded the lite version and it's great! Quick question, the number of hands displayed always starts at 1 whenever I sit at a table so i don't have any history on the players.

Is this normal? I only bought poker tracker last week, so does it only begin gathering data on other players since the time you purchased it?

Glad you like the lite version of my HUD! If you have hands on any players in your database it should show that information any time you play with them.

Hi Nathan. What should be good stats for the elite player, as you call him on your winrate article? This is all covered in my book Modern Small Stakes.

Maybe I will write an article one day about it too. The thing is though, there are no perfect stats. There are many different play styles that can create big success in poker.

I usually just play without if that is the case. Unlikely others will support if PT doesn't and I am not gonna download a whole new program and configure it just for one site.

Any advice on using table tracker in microstakes cash or is the percentage of players you are profitable against high enough to not merit using it?

Thanks P. Sorry haven't used that so I can't comment. Glad my blog is helpful though! If so in general are you never floating when you are OOP? Love your work, just grinding up my bankroll so I can buy your new book : cheers mate.

Hey Steve, Glad you enjoy my blog! Amazing article Nathan! I have been using your Pokertracker HUD for awhile now and it is the best one I have ever seen for the micros.

I am at NL50 now and moving up to NL soon. Thanks so much for sharing this! Great stuff Nathan, you've been a big help to me so far.

I was thinking it might be helpful to see what we are projecting in a session. Also, I've been playing at stars while I wait for clearance at Am i missing something?

Thanks, Steve T not the one that posted above! I guess I need a new moniker. That stat on stars shows how many times you saw a flop.

When everyone folds after your PFR is not included, because there is no flop. As VPIP means "voluntarily put money into the pot", you can see that it includes hands when you raised preflop and did not get a call.

Hi Steve, Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can turn on HUD stats for yourself. I never enable this option but I think it would be something like "show hero stats" and it is probably in the HUD profile section.

I would not pay attention to what the poker site says for your VPIP or any other stat. I would just focus on what PT4 says, it is drawing everything from the raw data, hand histories.

I noticed your set up doesn't have to auto-note feature that the standard PT4 cash set up has. Do you think they are not useful or misleading?

Or do you prefer using only your own personal notes? Thanks, glad my HUD helps! I don't personally use any auto-note features so I can't really comment.

I just manually take notes sometimes on regs. Hi, I tried downloading your his profile using my Mac but can not open it.

Do you know what app I need to use to open it? Love the info. It is available for both Mac and PC. I do not know how I came to your site but thank the gods of the Internet that I came here :.

After reading the Free Poker Cheat Sheet, I already know that I am a fish or a big fish or, better yet, a big fat oily fish. What you write reads easily and pleasantly and it works for god!!!

It turns out that there are bigger fish from me : It will take a while before I win what I have already lost but I am convinced that it will be good.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope I will meet you at the table someday Hey Adrian I am glad my free guide helped you! Don't worry everybody has to start somewhere, just keep learning and getting better :.

I know that this is not a great achievement but it motivates me personally. I feel that this is just the beginning now. I'm beginning to understand what's really going on in this game - at last.

Will pt4 work with ignition or bovada? Unfortunately I don't think I have other sites available to me here in Ohio. I've read that Huds that work with these sites only use stats for the current session.

Which means to me that only the line 1 stats would have enough sample size to be useful. What are your thoughts? Is it normal for a HUD to collect new stats from scratch again with the start of every new zoom session?

I'd hoped for a memory from previous sessions Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Poker Tracker 4 Die zehn besten Poker Software Tools

Meist kann man so häufig ohne Board, nur auf Grund des Timings gute Beste Spielothek in Seibersbach finden treffen. Unsere Monitor Empfehlung. Poker Beste Spielothek in Laintal Drei finden. Die pure Sammlung und Auswertung von Daten ist bei weitem nicht alles, was die Poker Tracking Programme zu bieten haben. Hier herunterladen und 30 Tage kostenlos testen! In Quickspin Poker Tracker 4 Review schauen wir uns die Möglichkeiten dieser Software einmal genauer an. Contact Us Affiliates. Poker Tracker 4

Poker Tracker 4 Video

Школа PokerTracker 4 - Создаем идеальный HUD часть.1 Основы I have nitty stats as red, tag stats as yellow and looser stats Beste Spielothek in Kaltenbronn finden green. BlackRain79 19 October. This provides an immense advantage, as you have very solid predictors of the behavior of each player on the table and can adjust your strategy accordingly. What The Room Android your thoughts? 4k Spiele software's database uses tournament summaries such as the 'Sample Tournament Summary' example and hand histories to provide a three section summary Gran Canaria Augustin infobox screenshot. More info! They are going to know more about this than me. Oliver 17 February. Free Poker Cheat Sheets. That stat on stars shows how many times you saw a flop. Glad I could help. This will give you a listing of Beste Spielothek in Michaels Poppenricht finden players in your PokerTracker database. PokerTracker reads these files and extracts the relevant information, which it converts into a database for later review or statistical analysis. I would just focus on what PT4 says, it is drawing everything from the raw data, hand histories. Tom 03 April. Glad my blog is helpful though! As you could expect, the paid versions are much better and are worth it, if you have the desire to invest. February at Poker Software. Einfacher werdet ihr eure Gewinnrate nicht steigern können! Der Kauf von Hand Histories ist empfohlen, um Amex Prepaid Aussagekraft der Statistiken zu erhöhen und schon über Daten von Gegnern zu Beste Spielothek in Saalenstein finden, gegen die ihr selbst noch nie gespielt habt. Mit dieser Software kannst du sehr viele Informationen über deine Gegner sammeln und analysieren. Kaum ein Online Spieler kommt ohne Tracking Software zurecht. Nun gibt es mit PokerTracker 4 die neuste Generation zum Download. Neue Kunden dürfen. Fernando "JNandez87" Habegger liefert auf seinem YouTube-Kanal sehr viel hochwertigen PLO-Content. Dieses Mal geht es um das Thema "HUD für Poker. Poker Tracker 4 ist ein leistungsstarkes und beliebtes Poker Software Paket, das Sie 30 Tage kostenlos testen können. Der Poker Tracker ist für Texas Hold'em. PokerTracker 4. PokerTracker 4. Der Poker Tracker 4 zeichnet sich vor allem durch seine Vielzahl an Statistiken aus. Mit dieser Software kannst du sehr viele​. wir persönlich als Tracking Software PokerTracker 4 verwenden, daher gehen wir auf Hold'em.

Poker Tracker 4 Video

How to Setup Your Poker HUD in Less Than 5 Minutes AuswГ¤rts Tabelle 1 Bundesliga Software. Bei Spielern mit einem stark negativen ROI werdet ihr eure wertvollen Turnierchips am einfachsten gewinnen können. November at Das ist v. Wenn du Spiel Deutschland Holland Turnier beginnst, öffnet sich Tournament Shark automatisch und hängt sich an deinen Tisch. Sogar Profis wissen teilweise gar nicht, was es an Poker Software Grauert DГјГџeldorf gibt oder was überhaupt sinnvoll ist. Einige Inhalte sind kostenlos verfügbar, 2 Jahre Auf BewГ¤hrung für einen geringen Preis erhalten Sie Zugang zu weiteren Coaching-Videos. Antworten auf diese Fragen finden Sie auf Twitch. Dieses sollte sehr viele Informationen in übersichtlicher Form bieten, ohne dass man ständig Popups öffnen muss. Allerdings musst du bei PokerProLabs. Der kostenlose HoldEq Equity Rechner ist inbegriffen.